A micro blogrimage: a father-grimage, a man-grimage

Here I am starting a second annual blogrimage, 2 days late. I have the best excuse ever, “I was delayed by the birth of my daughter.” To be fair, she was born 4 days ago and that math isn’t in my favor, but becoming a father has a way of unsettling you and overturning all the cart-stacked apples.

Everything is new. Everything is different. A good time for a blogrimage.

As I now am thrust upon the dual roles of husband and father, I need more than ever to relax on a solid foundation of “man.” My foundation must always be Christ first. On top of that I need a thorough understanding of what man Christ means me to be. I feel this is a lifelong quest and not a 30 day question, but to get some manly inertia going I will be accepting  the “30 days to a better man” challenge from the great Art Of Manliness website.

Today is day zero.

Caveat: I have some time off (oh what delicious words those are!), due to my daughter’s birth (even better words!). This time is not for blogging, but for caring for my awesome wife and soaking up all the newborn, oh-dang-that-is-mine, goodness of my first born child. In honor of the proper order of value, this will be a micro-blogrimage featuring beautifully succinct posts. Enough to share the journey, never so much as to detract from my freshly expanded family.

Viva blogrimagio!


4 Responses to A micro blogrimage: a father-grimage, a man-grimage

  1. Pradeepan says:

    A micro blogrimage is a blogrimage. We join you all the way, MAN.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love you. You are an amazing husband and father. Makena loves you too…she told me to write it since she can’t type yet 😉

  3. Eric says:

    Fantastic! looking forward to what you have to share!

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