Slinging along (#25)

After a prolonged delay for injury time and “post-call” time and oops-now-the-dial-up-internet-doesn’t-work time… I am back! Despite the fact that my blogging has been intermittent (sorry for the lapse Pradeepan, I am weak!), I feel that I am truly honing in my slingage skills of an artist. Sling artistry is a rare and beautiful thing, I hear.

Despite the fact that I have now lost my ideal “Goliath-head sized” target – I have prospered. I am using a rusty barrel to fling at and have discovered, with the help of David “Rooney” Matheny, a fantastic sling projectile.

Manna Stones

Manna in the slingManna stones

These nuttish things are heavy enough to fly well, and consistently the same size. They fall daily from an enormous tree, like manna from heaven. It is a sure sign that the Lord is with me. All I have to do is gather the missiles I need for that day.

A note on my progress: I would say that I am somewhere in the “and Joel knelt and gathered 35 smooth smooth stones from the stream…” range. Actually, probably not at the giant stage at all, or the lion or the bear. Maybe a large grasshopper. But I am happy and progressing!

I also discovered to my delight (after Melissa asked about it) that I can sling a stone WAY farther than I can throw one. I am not sure words can communicate how gratifying it is to see a stone flying an astonishingly great distance! No wonder slings are a Godly weapon!

5 Smooth Stone Status: 0/5

Coming soon:
A) I am going to try to get some video of my ninja sling attack in action tomorrow – stay tuned to the edge of your seats!
B) I hope to refashion a better sling sometime soon. A leather sling would have to be much better than my current twine and old-sock setup.


2 Responses to Slinging along (#25)

  1. Beth Stice says:

    That would be super exciting to see it go wayyyyy farther than a throw. Cool!

  2. Pradeepan says:

    That’s awesome! I want to throw, hit or shoot something. At school I frequently throw yarn at students, but I don’t think it’s the same. Pity.

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