The quest begins (#10)

Five Smooth Stones

I have begun my quest for five smooth stones.

Thus far all my ammunition has been of the decidedly jagged and angular variety. Archeological evidence now supports the superiority of smooth stone projectiles in both accuracy and giant-toppling ability. Thus it follows, that I need to have a some excellent projectiles on tap. Unfortunately, most of the rubble available to me is anything but smooth. Good thing or I would have no quest to undertake.

I want to spend some time pondering the value of carrying specifically five stones. Why did David carry five? No more. No less. I understand why he chose smooth ones, but why five? I would have taken three probably. Or posibly just filled up my mountainsmith bag with loads of them. Iam glad to hear any theories, how ever preposterous, on why David chose five. Obviously, six is right out.

Five smooth stones.
I will find them.


6 Responses to The quest begins (#10)

  1. Melissa says:

    You are a slinging rock star. HA! 🙂
    Love you.

  2. Joe says:

    Joel, this blogrimage gets progressively more and more epic. Also, sorry I haven’t been posting your blogs on the facebook group 😦 I didn’t realize that I was supposed to be doing that until I realized I had a Joel’s Blogrimage shaped hole in my Blogheart. I will do better! As far as why David carried 5 stones, my dad always told me it was because Goliath had 4 other brothers that David thought he would also have to kill. Pretty sweet.

    • Joel Watson says:

      No worries, mate, I haven’t been posting anything to post! Interesting thoughts on the stone count. David must have been really awesome with that sling.

  3. Beth Stice says:

    I like Joe’s thoughts on the five stones. Gotta take care of them brothas….

  4. Jeremy says:

    You could make your own smooth rocks…get a bunch of rocks, put them in a bucket with some water, and shake the bucket for a thousand years until the rocks have been smoothed.

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